Friday, January 1, 2010


The previous post reminds us that life is short. We must embrace each day that GOD gives us to the fullest! Follow His path, do what He wants you to do. You can only know if you talk with Him. Remember to communicate daily. Resolve issues with people because you are not responsible for how people treat you, but you are responsible for how you treat them! Forgive, forget and move on! LET IT GO! Enjoy the rest of your year! Live by Philippians 4:4-9


Happy 2010 to all who read this! My life changed dramatically on August 18, 2009 around 7:35am. This blog began the next day... i am finally able to complete what would've been, the beginning post. Before you rest at night, resolve any issues you have with your spouse, fiancee, best friend or significant other; you never know what the next moment will bring. When my spouse woke me up with seizures on that dark, scary morning, the FIRST THING i did was PRAY! GOD took it from there.

From 911 to Emergency, GOD chose the surgeon who would remove 70% of a brain meningioma: Dr. Michael J Petr & his sidekick: Mariangelli, to 3 days later, the surgery, 3 days later, he was up, w/no tubes or vent, watching Monday Night Football!!! GOD said, "I'VE GOT THIS!" On that first day, i began to pray and never stopped! i thank GOD for the prayers of the saints who went into action the moment they got the emails and text messages. The Prayer Warriors of St Paul AMEC Jacksonville are angels who prayed on daily conference calls and throughout the day. My local and EEDLO family went in prayer, i thank them. i thank my Pastor Z and Lady Z for their prayers & cares... Lady Z checked on me daily. And my BFF Angie was there to encourage me during moments of wonder. Each day, trusting only in GOD, we soared higher & higher.

We now say, "HAPPY NEW YEAR" - we've made it to 2010! A little over 4 months ago, i almost lost my best friend. But trusting in GOD, taking the sure path of prayer, His grace & mercy proved His love & care. From the beginning, the road was very hard, but my thoughts, my guidance, my Holy Spirit was on guard. He led me to pray, about everything, all the time, everyday, He said; and at night i found peace, knowing he is healing well, & really, could have been dead. But GOD is One of Another Chance, if you're reading this, you have one too, let those you love know you love them, be at peace when the day is through.

What happened to you in 2009 that changed your life? Anything you want to share? Feel free to post it here.