Thursday, October 18, 2012


What is Your opinion? Soldiers on GOD's battlefield get weary; but the Word of God encourages. One of the problems is: Everyone is not into the Word as they should be; probably None of us are. Nevertheless, if we read the Word, attend Bible Study, go to Sunday School or/and listen to and receive the Preacher's message on Sundays, Saturdays, or other days, there should be SOME understanding of what Ministry is all about. First of all, IT'S ALL ABOUT GOD Who sends People to do His Work! When a person is "called" - to preach, teach, do media work, write, Whatever He calls one to do, and they KNOW they've been called, they work to please GOD First... but, because we are all "people" - there will be issues. Think about it though... there were 'issues' among the Disciples, and they were With Jesus!

It is so easy to get frustrated when working with people, but you Must Remember... it is Not about you or them, it's about GOD! As a soldier on this battlefield, i have begun to get weary. You do what you've been called to do, to please GOD and be obedient, but people are right there: the naysayers, the constant changers, those 'project managers' with new ideas that sway the leader(s) into thinking another person is better for the job. But you Know you've been called! My Father has given me a message to share with you... "REST IN HIM." Only GOD is in control. Remember, "No weapon formed shall prosper..." - it may be formed, but it will not prosper.

Trust me, i'm preaching to the choir of which i am a disciple. We must remain strong IN THE LORD. People will always be there to 'tear you down' or make you feel incompetant. But when you KNOW you've been called, STAND FIRM! TRUST GOD! HAVE FAITH that HE will bring you through each storm. It's about finishing the race. What do you think? Why do you believe that Christians 'quit' ministry?

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